Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Anniversary Bliss

First off, "Greetings from the Romeros" got a make over. I designed this header and am finally getting around to uploading it! :) I'm pretty excited about it!

On October 4 Josh and I celebrated our FIRST YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Time is really a weird thing. This year has flown by! But at the same time our wedding day seems like forever ago!

Man do I love this guy! He's my best friend and it makes me  so incredibly happy knowing I get to spend eternity with his handsome face! :)

We spent the weekend away in Park City! It was SO much fun being away from life just him and me!
I'd been to park city a few times before but have only ever walked up and down old Main St. So doing all the fun Olympic Park stuff for the fist time was fun! And thanks to good ol Groupon we got a good deal on UNLIMITED passes!!

This thing was freakin scary! I didn't think I was afraid of heights but MAN, I was SO high up and walking across a wobbly thin rope was almost enough to make me pee my pants out of fear! My arms were killer sore the next day from holding myself up for dear life! 

Can't wait to celebrate a million more!

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