Sunday, April 15, 2012


I realized I forgot to mention how awesomely amazing the Fun show was a few weekends ago. Racheal and I went up to Salt Lake to see them (Josh was gonna go with me but it happened to be the same weekend of General Conference).

Don't know who Fun is? Shame, Shame... They are pretty much the best band ever! We Are Young is their newest song, I'm pretty sure its on the radio these days.  I personally  like their first album Aim and Ignite better, but the new one is very good as well! Nate Ruess is simply brilliant! He puts on such an entertaining show! SO much fun to watch, I just love his voice and face so much! Don't judge me, I know he isn't the hottest guy around but something about him...mmm :D. If you don't know who The Format is either LOOK THEM UP!!! Nate was the lead singer for them. So great!

Here, enjoy some videos and pictures from the show!

"Light a Roman Candle With Me"

"Carry On"

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


So far its been a good week. Lissa is here!!! We went and saw The Hunger games Saturday (I haven't read the books... had planned on it but never got around to actually doing it) So I only thought it was ok. (I was falling asleep) Sunday I was so sad cause I had to work! BOO! Easter is probably my favorite holiday and I had to spend it at Lowe's :( and I didn't even get an easter basket!  When I got home though Lissa and I (well just me) made dinner and watched Stardust with Josh (this time we all fell asleep)

Yesterday was such a good day! We went to the ZOO!! and it was SO nice outside! The only lame thing was that there were a crap load of little kids running around! Don't get me wrong, I love kids but 8098239485 of them running around at the same time?! NO thanks! The same thing happened when Josh and I went to the Planetarium a few weeks ago. Kids EVERYWHEREEEE!!!! UH!

It was still a pretty fun day!

And as a bonus, JUST for Lissa we made a visit to East High School in Salt Lake. (Where they shot High School Musical) She was like a kid in a candy store! I will admit it was pretty cool seeing and recognizing spots from the movie.