Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Josh and Jessica - October 4 2012

Get ready for wedding picture OVERLOAD!

Thursday October 4th I woke up with so many different emotions and feelings, anxious, nervous, excited, happy but mostly. READY!! I was SO ready! All the planning and preparations were over and I was marrying my best friend! 

The morning at the temple was absolutely perfect! Words can't explain how happy I was! So overwhelmed with the spirit! All I gotta say about that is man is the church true! We're both so happy with decision we made to be sealed in the temple for eternity! It took some work for us to get there and it was so worth it! We both feel so blessed! 

It was even better to be able to share the day with all of our family! 

My bridesmaids looked SO cute!! I'm so happy and relived we were able to find the perfect dress for them! (even if they didn't come till the DAY BEFORE!....yeah..)

and the boys looked so handsome!

Even though the temple didn't look as beautiful as it could have.... it was a beautiful perfect day! That I will never forget! 

More pictures will be up on facebook soon! :D

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Oct 4, 2012

If you haven't noticed...
If you've been living under a rock...
If we're not friends on facebook... or real life :)


It was a wonderful, beautiful, special day! Filled with love, tears, laughs and so much more!!

I am SO in love with my new husband.  (I still get all gitty and smiley every time I say that word :] )

And as soon as I get my pictures back from my photographer.. (hopefully very soon, I'm getting pretty impatient) ... I'll post more in detail about the day with pretty fancy pictures of us and our pretty, awesome family!! 

Life couldn't get any better! We feel so blessed and so happy with life right about now!

Monday, September 3, 2012


These pretty little things happen to be my centerpieces for the reception!

My sweet grandma made the majority of these in one night (josh helped some too :] )!! I love her so much and I absolutely LOVE these jars!! I can't wait to complete the look with some flowers!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Life Lately

So its been a while since I've posted. Sorry! My intentions were to post about how the wedding planning has been coming along and honestly NOTHING was coming along till about two weeks ago! I didn't expect for it to be so.... crazy stressful! (And I still don't have internet at my new place yet :[ )Up until last week people at work were calling me bridezilla! I NEVER thought I would be one of those brides! But I guess the stress was getting to me and I was taking it out on people at work! (Sorry guys!!)

Anyway, its all coming along very nicely! Here are some things that have been going on the last month.

-(non wedding related) we went to Idaho with family and it was a BLAST!! 

Best tube ride of my life!! SO FUNNY!!

- I moved into my our new place! Slept on an air mattress for two weeks. had ZERO furniture. Took some cold showers. Great times! Its all better now.. Some fancy couches were donated to us :) I got the dining room table I've had  my eye on all month and we got an awesome deal on a mattress!! 

Josh in our empty apartment!
Awesome brand new mattress!

-Started going to my new family ward! 

-Met with a wedding planner (Thanks to Rachael) who is AWESOME! She has been SUCH a huge help with getting everything planned and organized! 

-Took our engagement pictures! SO much fun! 

-My Mom, Aunt Tricie and Grandma came to help with wedding stuff and we got a TON done! 
Finished all the center pieces, found the cutest jars for our candy bar AND already got all the candy! Started on our pom pom wall (Which I finished this week) and FOUND MY DRESS!!! Hallelujah! I'm so lucky to have such an amazing family who took time out of their busy schedules to help! I love them!
Leesh, Tricie and My Mom making pom poms :D
Finished pom poms! :D

On the schedule for this week : Get invites printed, addressed and SENT! Meet with our caterer to taste and pick out food and our cake! Dress fitting! Pick up Josh's suit. Find ties, my shoes, socks for the guys, and talk to Rene about Josh's ring!

Things to look forward to: Dress fitting with Rachael and Josh's mom! FOOD TASTING :) Work bridal shower this weekend! and SO many more! 

32 days!! 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

We're Getting Married!


We're engaged! I've got a fiance! Plans are being made and we're gonna get married!

Now if you didn't know, Josh and I have been together 2 whole years! yeah, I know, thats FOREVERRRR in Utah time. We should already have at least two kids right? I'm kidding, I'm kidding. None of that matters.

Now I think I've told bits of our engagement story probably about 10 times today. But I'm gonna go a little bit more into detail here, but first I'm gonna give you a little Josh and Jessica history :)

We met at Provo College a little over two years ago. Both of us were in the Graphic and Web Design program, and both of us were too shy to talk to each other. Until we mad a mutual friend, Brian! I honestly don't remember the first time we actually spoke to each other, all I remember is standing in the hall waiting for class to start and a few of us were playing games on our iPod touches and comparing games haha! Then a few days later he added me on facebook and texted me to see if I wanted to play volley ball. Unfortunately I had to decline because I had previously biffed it on a longboard and my palms were completely destroyed! :( Then a week or so later he invited me to hang out with him on Memorial day, again I had to decline cause I already had plans with Brian, my cousin and a few other friends. BUT I invited him to come along with us and he accepted!! :D

The first time we ever hung out (in Park City) the boys did not match on purpose! 

Since then we've hung out almost everyday and I have loved every minuet of it! 

And now, two years later we're taking the next step in this relationship! 

So yesterday, Josh and I had been looking for apartments all morning with no luck. So we decided to do something, go somewhere to keep us from getting stressed and what not. We got some food, made a few sandwiches and drove up the canyon to South Fork, to a little park called Big Springs Park. Where we've shared many fun times together....

Sep 2010. My very first time there with him and his family.

Jan 2011 Snow shoeing at Big Springs.

Feb 2011. More snow shoeing!

June 2011. Exploring some beaver dams up South Fork. 

We got up to the park and ate our little dinner while it POURED rain. After the rain stopped and we were finished eating we walked up the familiar trails and went for a nice little walk. Crossed a little stream...

and did some more walking until we got to a little bridge where we took this picture two years ago...

Sep 2010

We stood there and reminisced a little bit about all the times we'd been there then hugged. And we hugged for what seemed like forever! It was so nice to be in such a beautiful place wrapped in the man that I love's arms. As we stood there I could start to feel his heart beating so hard! I knew what was coming :). He pulled away, still holding me and told me how much he loved me. How he had been having a hard time trying to think of a special way to propose to me and realized that it didn't matter how he did it. He said he wanted to do it somewhere that was special to us. Somewhere he liked to spend time with me. He told me he was proud of us and that he knew it was the right time. He took my hands, got down on one knee and asked me if I would marry him! Of course, crying,  I said yes! 

same spot as picture above. two years later :)

SO happy!!

I'm so incredibly lucky to have Josh in my life! I've never felt so much love for someone as I do for him. I feel so blessed everyday I'm with him. He makes me laugh, smile and I love how much we've grown to know and love each other. I'm so proud of the things we've accomplished together to get us to this exciting point in our life. And I cant wait to spend the rest of my life with him by my side! 

So mark your calenders! Mount Timpanogos Temple. October 4th!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wiser Family Reunion 2012

This past weekend was spent up at Bear Lake for a family reunion! It was so great to see everyone! Some of them I hadn't seen in years!! I was also very excited to see my parents and sisters and brother (who I haven't seen since Christmas time!). I wish I would have taken more pictures but here are some of the highlights.

Got some of Bear Lake's "Famous Raspberry Shakes" 

Hung out in the church parking lot since we couldn't check in to the lodge yet. Kyle and Josh did some long boarding..

While Em and I watched. (My 'not so little' baby sister. She's getting too big!)

and my manly little brother! 

Super windy!

When we finally were able to check in Friday evening was spent hanging out, catching up, lots of hugging, introducing Josh to everyone, playing games, eating dinner, playing volleyball with everyone and celebrating all the June birthdays! 


The fam plus Sydney and Ethan (and not pictured- cousins, Josh, Richard and Uncle Don) hiked Minnetonka Cave! There were a total of 444 steps. So 888 total to the end and back. And the cave is about 40 degrees all year round. It was pretty cool, except we got stuck with some weird tour guide and an even weirder tourist mother/daughter group who knew everything there is to know about caves and made sure EVERYONE in the group knew it. SO annoying.

Some pretty cool formations inside the cave.

Chels and I inside.

They called this the "Stairway to Heaven" about 71 steps!

After the cave we went back to the lodge, ate a quick lunch, changed, and went down to the lake. Kim and Rich brought their fancy boat and toys! All we did was tubing because the water was SO freakin COLD!! and I forgot to bring the camera on the boat so no pictures to prove it :( The water was SO pretty, I wish it was warmer I wanted to swim so badly! And it was hard not to compare the beach to PCB.... The sand was dirty with sticks and rocks, the water by the shore was muddy :( I had to keep telling myself "this is a lake in Idaho, not the beach in Florida..." 

That night after dinner we roasted marshmallows and Snickers wrapped in a crescent roll. Weird huh? they were surprisingly SO GOOD! Thanks to Aunt Debby!

Cute little Eric!

Chels and I by the fire.

Lissa, Kyle and Sydney 

Lissa hiding from all the dumb moths that were EVERYWHERE!!


We went to church in the morning, All 40 of us. Along with the millions of other tourist! There were SO many people! 

After church we hung around the cabin, played games, ate lunch and had a little spiritual thought from Grandpa. He talked about how much he loved us all and how important family is! It was so sweet to listen to him talk about his love for us and the gospel. I'm so blessed to be apart of this wonderful family! 

After that we all split up and had some family alone time. We went up to this little lake called Tony Grove.

While up there Dad talked to us about about our family and how much he loves us. About how things are starting to change as we all get older. Me living in Utah (Maybe getting married soon ;] wink, wink)  Lissa going to school in Idaho, Chelsea starting her senior year then going to school somewhere... I love that even though we're all getting older and leaving "the nest" we can still stay so close to each other! Some days I miss us all being little and playing together outside, pretending Kyle and Chelsea are puppies, playing kick ball, jumping on the tramp, going to the beach as a family! But thats life, we're getting "old" and I'm excited to grow up and start my own family and eventually have out own Wiser family reunion!

Lissa and I up at the little Lake.

Sisters and brother! LOVE THEM SO MUCH!

Family plus Josh. (He's pretty much part of the family)

Love him.

Then we headed back to the lodge to take some family pictures, which I didn't take ANY! (I'm just planning on stealing them from other people :]). I did get this one though... 

Some of the Fry and Wiser cousins including Michael and Sydney (Kim's cute kids)


We packed up said our good byes and headed home!


Kyle playing with Michael. He is so stinking cute! Kyle is gonna be such a good little uncle and Dad one day.

I'm so glad we were able to spend some time with family this weekend! I am so thankful for all of them and their wonderful spirits and personalities! And I'm so glad Josh was able to come with me and meet everyone and be apart of the family!