Monday, September 3, 2012


These pretty little things happen to be my centerpieces for the reception!

My sweet grandma made the majority of these in one night (josh helped some too :] )!! I love her so much and I absolutely LOVE these jars!! I can't wait to complete the look with some flowers!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Life Lately

So its been a while since I've posted. Sorry! My intentions were to post about how the wedding planning has been coming along and honestly NOTHING was coming along till about two weeks ago! I didn't expect for it to be so.... crazy stressful! (And I still don't have internet at my new place yet :[ )Up until last week people at work were calling me bridezilla! I NEVER thought I would be one of those brides! But I guess the stress was getting to me and I was taking it out on people at work! (Sorry guys!!)

Anyway, its all coming along very nicely! Here are some things that have been going on the last month.

-(non wedding related) we went to Idaho with family and it was a BLAST!! 

Best tube ride of my life!! SO FUNNY!!

- I moved into my our new place! Slept on an air mattress for two weeks. had ZERO furniture. Took some cold showers. Great times! Its all better now.. Some fancy couches were donated to us :) I got the dining room table I've had  my eye on all month and we got an awesome deal on a mattress!! 

Josh in our empty apartment!
Awesome brand new mattress!

-Started going to my new family ward! 

-Met with a wedding planner (Thanks to Rachael) who is AWESOME! She has been SUCH a huge help with getting everything planned and organized! 

-Took our engagement pictures! SO much fun! 

-My Mom, Aunt Tricie and Grandma came to help with wedding stuff and we got a TON done! 
Finished all the center pieces, found the cutest jars for our candy bar AND already got all the candy! Started on our pom pom wall (Which I finished this week) and FOUND MY DRESS!!! Hallelujah! I'm so lucky to have such an amazing family who took time out of their busy schedules to help! I love them!
Leesh, Tricie and My Mom making pom poms :D
Finished pom poms! :D

On the schedule for this week : Get invites printed, addressed and SENT! Meet with our caterer to taste and pick out food and our cake! Dress fitting! Pick up Josh's suit. Find ties, my shoes, socks for the guys, and talk to Rene about Josh's ring!

Things to look forward to: Dress fitting with Rachael and Josh's mom! FOOD TASTING :) Work bridal shower this weekend! and SO many more! 

32 days!!