Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Anniversary Bliss

First off, "Greetings from the Romeros" got a make over. I designed this header and am finally getting around to uploading it! :) I'm pretty excited about it!

On October 4 Josh and I celebrated our FIRST YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Time is really a weird thing. This year has flown by! But at the same time our wedding day seems like forever ago!

Man do I love this guy! He's my best friend and it makes me  so incredibly happy knowing I get to spend eternity with his handsome face! :)

We spent the weekend away in Park City! It was SO much fun being away from life just him and me!
I'd been to park city a few times before but have only ever walked up and down old Main St. So doing all the fun Olympic Park stuff for the fist time was fun! And thanks to good ol Groupon we got a good deal on UNLIMITED passes!!

This thing was freakin scary! I didn't think I was afraid of heights but MAN, I was SO high up and walking across a wobbly thin rope was almost enough to make me pee my pants out of fear! My arms were killer sore the next day from holding myself up for dear life! 

Can't wait to celebrate a million more!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hey, Hi, Hello.

Well hey world! Sorry about the lack of blogging! Nothing too exciting going on around here. Lets see what's happened in the last few weeks...

- I've been working a lot!
- I got a raise.
- Lissa, Mom, Chelsea, Tricie (my aunt) and my Grandma came out to bring little grown up Chelsea to her first year at BYU-Idaho. It was great fun being with family all weekend! I even got to go up to Rexburg with them & help Chels move into her very first apartment! It was sweet! A weekend filled with laughs, good times and maybe a few tears. I know I've said this before but I CANT BELIEVE SHE'S IN COLLEGE!!! I'm so excited for her! Her and Lissa are going to have SO much fun together!!
- Josh turned 31!!

Aaaaaaand what we've got to look forward to!

- FALL IS HERE!! My favorite!! Time for cool weather, scarfs, sweaters, cardigans! Holidays! And a happy Jessica!
- This weekend is our first anniversary as Mr & Mrs! To celebrate we're spending the weekend in Park City! Just the two of us! So very very excited to spent time away with my fabulous husband! (I can't believe its been a year already!)
- The Walking Dead starts in TWO WEEKS!!!!!!!
- In 23 days I'm going to Orlando to spend time with my two best friends in the entire world! Jessica and Lauren! We're celebrating Lauren's engagement by spending the weekend at Universal going to Halloween Horror Nights!! YAY!
- In 38 days my mom will be out here again for my cousin's wedding!

So much happening! So much excitement!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mirror Lake

I'm a little late posting about out little impromptu trip to Mirror Lake.

Since Josh and I started dating he'd always talk about Mirror Lake! Every summer he'd want to go but every summer we never made it up. About a month ago we both had the same two days off (which NEVER happens) and he decided we were going! So we packed up our stuff and left!

We spent 4 hours fishing and didn't catch anything!!

Our cute little campsite.

Since we were only staying for one night, we slept in my car.

Fishing day 2, I caught my very first fish EVER! (yes, that is MY fish that I caught. I was just too grossed out to touch it)

 This is Josh's catch.

It was a fun short little trip. Much needed get-a-way from life.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Typical Day

12/30 : Describe a Typical Day in Your Current Life

Thursday. August 1, 2013

3:45 am alarm goes off. Barely awake I turn it off and immediately fall back asleep. Wake back up at 4:10 am, roll out of bed and somehow manage to shower and get ready while half asleep! 

Arrive at work at 5 am. 

Between 5 am - 2 pm I spend my morning working. 
- stocking
- cleaning
- organizing 
- helping customers
- helping cashiers

Leave work at 2:20 pm. 
Get home and have plans to get things done but end up falling asleep for what I think is hours but is actually 20 mins.

Run some errands with Josh. 
Spend some times at the in-laws.
Come home, blog and watch Greek (don't judge) while Josh plays basketball

And that was my day. 

Sadly this is basically a typical day. Except I don't always go to work at 5 am. Thank goodness! 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pet Peeves

11/30 : Top 10 Pet Peeves

This is going to be hard to narrow it down to only 10. And they are all probably going to be work related. 

1. Utah Drivers
Seriously they are the worst! I refuse to get a Utah license plate cause I don't want to technically be considered a "utah" driver!! And because its a pain in the butt and my car can't pass the dumb safety and emissions test. My car is safe I promise.

2. Impatient people
It really amazes me how impatient people are! People can't stand in a checkout line for more than 30 seconds before they start huffing and puffing about the line taking too long. Even if they are the NEXT person in line!! 

3. When people interrupt
Its just plain rude! Am I right?! Let me finish my sentence before you blab your mouth!

4. Girls 
Let me explain... The ones that only care about how they look and how many guys they can get to date them. You know the kind. Attention whores. (excuse my language..) Making out with any guy who gives them the time of day. Changes who they are so guys will be more interested. LADIES!!! Have some self respect and BE YOU!!!

5. Leaving empty packages in cupboards/shelfs 
How hard is it to throw away an empty box?!

6. Repeating myself
Once or twice, ok. Three times, really?! Five + times.... You're just not listening and I am now annoyed.

7. The line "OH no barcode? I guess that means it's FREEEE!!!! har har har!!"
You're not funny. (Friends, I reeeeally hope you don't say this)

8. The "F" word
It makes me cringe.

9. Nosey people
That one person who has to be apart of every conversation ever! Even if they don't have a clue who or what you're talking about!

10. When people don't move their shopping carts
Thank you for leaving your cart right in front of my register. Oh and even better tell the customer behind you that they can take car of it. How nice of you. Or right in your parking spot when the cart return is 10 ft away from you. lazy.

I think working retail has made me dislike people juuuuust a tiny bit...

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Jasmine & Danny Get Married!!

Friday July 12, 2013 my sister-in-law Jasmine and her fiance Danny were married and sealed for time and all eternity in the the Oquirrh Mountain Temple!

After a few months of stress, planning, worrying, and a few tears here and there. The day went beautifully! The temple was amazing as always! They day was long and busy but everything turned out so well! I couldn't be happier for the new Mr & Mrs. Danny Cheever! They were just glowing the entire day!

Here are some pictures from my phone from through out the day.

(not to toot my own horn... but I wrote on that chalkboard and I'm pretty proud of myself :])

Fourth Of July

The 4th of July is probably one of my favorite holidays. It feels like the kick off to summer! I love seeing flags waving everywhere, patriotic songs getting stuck in my head and everywhere I look seeing red, white and blue! The whole day feels like one big celebration! BBQs, swimming, food, parades, family, friends and of course FIREWORKS! 

A few months ago Josh and I requested to have the 4th off of work, with the intention of making plans to do something super fun!! Well... being the procrastinators that we sometimes are, we didn't make plans. 

I  knew I wanted to go to the balloon launch in Provo and the Freedom Festival parade. But during the day and evening, no plans.

Josh's parents ward does this big neighborhood thing they call the "Cul-De-Sac of FIRE". Everyone in the ward comes with food and fireworks. Even though I feel like I hardly know anyone. It's fun to just sit and watch the kids playing with pop-its and sparker, watching everyone set off their fireworks and later when it got darker, watching the BIG fireworks. Which were pretty dang impressive! (I didn't bring my camera and my phone was about dead so I didn't take too many pics)  So we did that Wednesday night and had a good ol' time!

Pop-its everywhere!

Thursday we work up early to crazy wind! So we skipped the balloons :( and met up with our friends Cole, Kellen and Lizzie at the parade. 

After the parade we walked a million miles back to our car, went home and took a little power nap before meeting back up with the Collards for lunch. After lunch Josh and I went and saw World War Z. Pretty good movie if you ask me. Josh wasn't too impressed. 

Later in the evening we went back down to provo to check out more of the freedom festival. Not that impressed, but it was fun people watching. And I got a funnel cake so I was satisfied! 

It was a good day! It was nice to have a day off with my wonderful husband!