Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bridal Shower Fun

So incase you were wondering... Neither Josh or myself got the graphic design job. :( Sad day. We were disappointed but ok with it. This just means we get to keep trying and keep applying. So if you hear or know of anyone needing a graphic designer hit us up!!

In other news I've been busy planning a bridal shower for my sister-in-law Jasmine! Its been crazy hectic with deciding on food, decor, etc...

But over all it turned out pretty cute if you ask me!

This was a cute game (that would have been even cuter if more people showed up). I had each girl write down a memory, or favorite moment with Jasmine. Then I read them aloud and had Jasmine guess who wrote it. It made for fun conversation starters and listening to Jasmine and her friends reminiscing on "old times". 

I'm satisfied with the way it all turned out but glad its over. Next big event on the way would obviously be Jasmine's endowment session, sealing and reception!! More wedding fun!! I'm super excited for Jasmine and Danny!! Don't they make the cutest couple!!?

Monday, June 17, 2013


So since we got back from Florida we've been crazy busy! I've got this mental list of all these things we have to get done. And feel like we have SO little time!

Wedding stuff, planning to possibly move, work, bridal showers! All need to be done in a month, all at the same time!

Then we found out about a graphic design job from my sis-in-law and decided we needed to apply for it as soon as possible! So we put everything on hold for a week. We've been so focused on getting josh a job that I haven't touched my portfolio in forever!! I've been stressing about getting everything perfect and all online in a week while working everyday! But I did it!!

The marketing company we'd be working for (if we get the job) is in Holladay Utah, So this means we'd be moving to Murray area. Which would be an awesome change!

It's sort of crazy to think about how quickly everything could change! If this all works out we'd be in a completely new town, new ward, new apartment and NEW JOBS!!

We have interviews on Wednesday!! WISH US LUCK!!

Check out our blogs if you feel like it...


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Florida Fun

It's been a while since I've posted. My bad... We've been super busy!!

Josh and I got back from Florida a week ago! It's already been a week?! I'm already ready to go back!! I could write a novel about how awesome our trip was and all the awesome things we did. Instead I'll just share some of my favorites!

- Spending most of our time at the beach! I really cant get over how beautiful it is there. The water, the sand.. EVERYTHING! I could spend all day there!

- Spending much needed quality time with my family! Goodness I've missed them so much! And I didn't really realize it till we're all together.

- Chelsea's graduation!!! I'm so glad we got to be there for this! It seriously feels like I was just doing this. Then I think that was 6 years ago and then I feel really old. It is so weird to think she'll be out on her own and in college soon! That makes me feel kinda sad that we're all growing up!

- Spending all day at Holmes Creek with the fam. Which was SO much fun! Funny memories made for sure! Plus it was SO pretty up there!

- Emilee's 5th grade graduation! I'm pretty sure the last time I was at Beach Elementary was when Em was graduating KINDERGARDEN! WHAT!!  I can't believe she's gonna be in Middle School! Actually I kinda can, I mean look how freakin tall she is!

- Jessica & Lauren time!! Man I love these guys!! I couldn't ask for better best friends! I'd say the highlight of Jessica's birthday was riding the death banana boat. The water was SO choppy and I was SO, terrified I was gonna fly off and die! (and by die I mean face plant into the ocean and swallow gallons of salt water). Seriously though, I was holding on for dear life and may or may not have screamed the entire time...

- Going to Seaside with Josh. I love this place and have wanted to take Josh there forever! We didn't spend as much time as I would have liked because it was SO dang hot! But we had a good time anyway.

- Dinner, photoshoot on the beach and dueling piano bar with Jessica, Lauren and Josh. Which consisted of all three of us (Jessica, Lauren and I) dancing to the Time Warp in front of a bunch strangers. Which makes me miss hanging out with them SO MUCH! We have fun!

- Family dinners. Probably my favorite thing about coming home! I love how after everyone is finished eating we all just hang around the dinner table and talk about whatever forever! 

Now that we're back in Utah we've got a lot going on in the next few weeks! Sis-in-laws wedding, bridal shower, working full time, possibly moving? and possibly new jobs for Josh and I? (More on that later).