Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mirror Lake

I'm a little late posting about out little impromptu trip to Mirror Lake.

Since Josh and I started dating he'd always talk about Mirror Lake! Every summer he'd want to go but every summer we never made it up. About a month ago we both had the same two days off (which NEVER happens) and he decided we were going! So we packed up our stuff and left!

We spent 4 hours fishing and didn't catch anything!!

Our cute little campsite.

Since we were only staying for one night, we slept in my car.

Fishing day 2, I caught my very first fish EVER! (yes, that is MY fish that I caught. I was just too grossed out to touch it)

 This is Josh's catch.

It was a fun short little trip. Much needed get-a-way from life.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Typical Day

12/30 : Describe a Typical Day in Your Current Life

Thursday. August 1, 2013

3:45 am alarm goes off. Barely awake I turn it off and immediately fall back asleep. Wake back up at 4:10 am, roll out of bed and somehow manage to shower and get ready while half asleep! 

Arrive at work at 5 am. 

Between 5 am - 2 pm I spend my morning working. 
- stocking
- cleaning
- organizing 
- helping customers
- helping cashiers

Leave work at 2:20 pm. 
Get home and have plans to get things done but end up falling asleep for what I think is hours but is actually 20 mins.

Run some errands with Josh. 
Spend some times at the in-laws.
Come home, blog and watch Greek (don't judge) while Josh plays basketball

And that was my day. 

Sadly this is basically a typical day. Except I don't always go to work at 5 am. Thank goodness!