Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fourth Of July

The 4th of July is probably one of my favorite holidays. It feels like the kick off to summer! I love seeing flags waving everywhere, patriotic songs getting stuck in my head and everywhere I look seeing red, white and blue! The whole day feels like one big celebration! BBQs, swimming, food, parades, family, friends and of course FIREWORKS! 

A few months ago Josh and I requested to have the 4th off of work, with the intention of making plans to do something super fun!! Well... being the procrastinators that we sometimes are, we didn't make plans. 

I  knew I wanted to go to the balloon launch in Provo and the Freedom Festival parade. But during the day and evening, no plans.

Josh's parents ward does this big neighborhood thing they call the "Cul-De-Sac of FIRE". Everyone in the ward comes with food and fireworks. Even though I feel like I hardly know anyone. It's fun to just sit and watch the kids playing with pop-its and sparker, watching everyone set off their fireworks and later when it got darker, watching the BIG fireworks. Which were pretty dang impressive! (I didn't bring my camera and my phone was about dead so I didn't take too many pics)  So we did that Wednesday night and had a good ol' time!

Pop-its everywhere!

Thursday we work up early to crazy wind! So we skipped the balloons :( and met up with our friends Cole, Kellen and Lizzie at the parade. 

After the parade we walked a million miles back to our car, went home and took a little power nap before meeting back up with the Collards for lunch. After lunch Josh and I went and saw World War Z. Pretty good movie if you ask me. Josh wasn't too impressed. 

Later in the evening we went back down to provo to check out more of the freedom festival. Not that impressed, but it was fun people watching. And I got a funnel cake so I was satisfied! 

It was a good day! It was nice to have a day off with my wonderful husband! 

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