Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Day Of Love

Valentines Day.

I have always liked Valentines day. In elementary school I always looked forward to the Valentines party at school where everyone would go around the class and pass out their valentines. My favorite part was coming home and reading all the different cards. And of course eating all my candy!

When your a kid its all about pink hearts, picking out the best little valentines to give to your classmates and getting candy! When you grow up it seems to be all about having someone to love. A boyfriend/girlfriend to spend the day with and getting presents from. As I got older, I never really had a "valentine". But that didn't stop me from celebrating or hating the holiday. I have plenty of people in my life that I love, and I like to celebrate the holiday that way. Being grateful for the people you love and for the people who love you. Not only being grateful but showing your love for those people.

I'm not big on buying crazy expensive gifts for each other. I don't need some fancy necklace from my husband to show he loves me. In fact I might get kind of mad if he did, we ain't got money for that! I'd rather just spend the day together, go on a nice date and out to dinner.

Yesterday was a good day. We both had to work early, otherwise I would have loved to get up and make breakfast together. Oh well. Work was surprisingly very very good! I spent pretty much my entire shift sending Valentine snapchats to everyone!

When we got off work our plan was to go up to Cheesecake Factory as soon as Josh got home at 4. Traffic was awful, it took us probably an extra 20-25 mins to get there. When we finally got up to Murray the wait was THREE HOURS!!!!!!! WHAT! I was so bummed! We have never eaten there and we had gift cards to use! I was looking forward to it all day. And we drove all that way! The whole place was packed! Parking was awful, I was pretty convinced everywhere else was going to have a crazy long wait and that we were going to end up eating at some fast food place in the mall. We checked California Pizza Kitchen right next door and the wait was only 20 mins! YAY! Dinner was great! After we ate, we walked our stuffed selves around the Fashion Place Mall for a little bit. It was a simple but very enjoyable evening.

I certainly do love my husband very much and am so lucky to be married to him! He wrote me the sweetest little letter about how much he loved me. While he was reading it to me I got a little teary. He is the best! I sometimes just look at him and am overwhelmed with how much I love him and how I get to spend eternity with this amazing man!

I hope everyone had an very loving Valentines day!

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